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Electronic commerce (also referred to as EC, e-commerce or ecommerce) consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The information technology industry might see it as an electronic business application aimed at commercial transactions. In Italy, France, England, Germany and other European countries regularly held sales. The Internet platform gives the opportunity to significantly simplify operations at all stages, to make trading more effective and transparent. An example of a B2B transaction is the sale of website templates to companies for later use as the basis design of your own web resource of the company. They also included a variety of services that allowed you to transfer funds to the account of the buyer with minimal complexity. Successful Internet Commerce involves equal attention to all affecting the popularity of the resource factors, but even then you cannot guarantee the success of a business project. The need for electronic media was replenished as soon as it arose. They are not so popular, but still used in some specific cases. By automating the process of calculating rates when booking reduced cost of services. The period of clearance sales is often combined with holidays. After selecting the product, the user can do directly from the Internet ordering buying it, which indicates the form of payment, time and place of delivery and so on.

The meaning of the term "electronic commerce" has changed over the last 30 years. Originally, "electronic commerce" meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically, usually using technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), where both were introduced in the late 1970s, for example, to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically. Its birth was the first of the systems and methods of electronic Commerce are obliged to the advent of the technology of sales automation and implementation of automated control systems corporate resources[1]. Payment can be made in cash upon delivery of the goods or by credit card. On the Internet banner ad is a small rectangular picture, which is advertising a Web site or Web page. In addition to the most common schemes of e-Commerce, there are several other. At the moment, Internet Commerce has grown from a trivial purchase in a rather interesting area of activity in which they find implementing the most risky ideas, and when appropriate implement them, surprisingly, they begin to bring amazing profits. Internet sites for such trade are somewhere between a market and a column of announcements in the newspaper. As regular sales, virtual product sales is impossible without proper advertising. One of the fastest growing areas of e-Commerce is a web hosting service (from the English word host), i.e. In addition to the most common schemes of e-Commerce, there are several other. It's really simple, if you have a team of professionals who will provide and ready, and technical solutions for your resource.

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